Faux Teal Gold Glitter Damask Ticket Style Invite

2.52 Faux Teal Gold Glitter Damask Ticket Style Invite
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NOTE: This is a flat printed design. There is no actual glitter, gold metal or raised layers. COLOR PALETTE: glittery, shimmery peacock teal blue with gold, golden shimmer and soft white. DESIGN COLLECTION: Exquisite black tie event worthy, Hollywood premier theme style for summer or winter weddings. A simple yet elegant, beautiful damask ticket style wedding invitation stationery set. Graphic design by Audrey Jeanne Roberts, this modern yet vintage style damask patterned image with a decorative floral damask and scroll flourish design has a trendy faux glitter look. The top and bottom flourishes are script style scroll, swirl and leaf pattern with an art nouveau or art deco influence. The damasks stylistically rendered flower elements are laid over a background color. There is a wide range of color combinations available with this pattern.

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